Friday, October 1, 2010

Inside the September 2010 Bootcamp series

We met on Fridays and Mondays at Danehy Park in Cambridge, pre-dawn and before our "work days" began.  Participants signed up via Facebook on the page and got updates by personal e-mails also through Facebook.  

Dave and Sierra were the first two on-board, and then Lisa joined us for the final 3 sessions.  Their dedication and consistent turn-out, even after racing triathlon sprint distance races the day before always impressed me.  Funny notes about wine and wishing for rain would come out the night before, but they always came through to bootcamp in the morning.  Dedication.  
Bootcampers -- Dave, Sierra, and Lisa -- ya'll are awesome.  

Together we decided to brave the early, dark hour of 6am (remember, daylight fade and sunrise is delayed) for most weeks.  However,  by the last session of the month we had to push back to 6:30am to be able to see.  Good thing we did, too, because some (silly, strange) male runners were out running the track *backwards*, clockwise in the pre-dawn hours.  Collision before sunrise would not have been fun!      

So, without further ado, here's what we did during our 
Last Outdoor Danehy Park Track Bootcamp 2010

Easy run (3-4 mins)
Monster Walk, Knee Circles, Hip Swings
Inchworms, Lunge Reaches and Twists

Agility:  Timed Triangle Cone sprints and U-turns

Form review then 3 laps building speed, 2 laps slowing speed


Pushups, Lunge Switches, Bicycle Crunches – no equip
Plank Marches, Squat Hops, High Reaches to Toes – timed, no equip

All of this in under an hour!  The most fun was our giggle fest during the U-turn drills as we tried our morning "coordination" in quick direction shifts, similar to a hop-step dance move around a soccer cone.  No one was laughing after the hard running laps that followed, or during the Strength portion that ended our session.  But a good time was had by all, start to finish.  What do you think?  Could you enjoy it?  Try it!

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