Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Falmouth, Cape Cod Weekend

Getting outdoors is great fun, especially with fit, fun friends. When friends Pauline and Ulandt asked if we -- my boyfriend Matthew and best friend Terry and I -- wanted to join them on Cape Cod, I asked "what should we bring?". Bikes, running shoes, googles and wetsuit, or all of the above!

Weekend activities on land and sea:
  • 1 mile ocean swim, sans wetsuit -- yes the water was cool but warm enough!
  • 1 hour paddle on a duet kayak into the bay near Green Pond
  • Coastal area bicycling with Matthew and even Terry too (yes!)
  • 7-mile run along inlets and bays with Ulandt and Matthew
  • another 1+mile ocean swim, this time with a wetsuit and with another triathlete guy
  • a final long ride 35+ miles bicycling back to Plymouth for the Commuter Rail
More about the weekend in a personal blog posting here.

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